Dazzling Detroit

Los Alamos' Monitor wrote a great tour and miniature history of Detroit, taking readers from the Pistons through the DIA and Third Man Records, where to buy jeans, get great food, and of course, quality local wine from Detroit Vineyards.

"It might come as a surprise when you hear that there’s a vineyard in Detroit. Yet, the city has a history of winemaking and Michigan has one of the oldest wine industries in the country. According to Blake Kownacki, co-founder and head winemaker of Detroit Vineyards, “The D” is a perfect setting for developing, marketing and tasting fine wines. He points to the fact that Southeast Michigan has several microclimates suited for growing top-quality grapes.

Detroit Vineyards is the first fully operating winery in Detroit in more than half a century. The company uses Michigan grapes in its production of boutique wines. The grapes primarily come from the Lake Michigan shore, but Kownacki has piloted a program in which he provides the trellising materials, grapevines and training to members in the community who have vacant land near their home. After the vines mature, he purchases the grapes from the residents.

The company has outgrown its humble beginnings and is in the process of moving its production quarters to an 11,000 square-foot facility located in the former [Stroh’s] ice cream factory. A portion of the building is slated to be a tasting room, which will open to the public in early 2019. The place will fit in well among all the city’s hip restaurants and wine bars."

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