Detroit Vineyard, Boutique Hotels Pop Up as Motor City Tourism Spikes

Detroit Vineyards got a nice write-up by Fox 2, citing our business as one of the many new businesses that are helping to revitalize the tourism industry in Detroit.

So this idea may wet your pallet: Detroit Vineyards. It's hometown wine grown right here in Detroit. Founders hope it will mean a sip of success in a glass they see as half full with room to grow from. 


Ten years ago, the idea of a winery in Detroit seemed unimaginable.


"I think people across the country would have said 'vineyard in Detroit? Wine from Detroit? I don't think so.' They probably would say it's not California, or France or someplace like that. But to know that we have it being grown and developed right here in Detroit, it's something new and exciting," [Larry] Alexander [Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau] said.


Check out the entire article (with video) here.


Above, Detroit Vineyards' new tasting room, located at 1000 Gratiot